About me

Hi, my name is Chris and I am a developer at JobRouter in Mannheim, Germany. The company sells a digitisation platform with the same name. Currently, I am responsible for the development of JobRouter's multilingual website based on TYPO3.

Since more than 20 years I am working as a developer. From the beginning I used PHP together with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build websites. In 2006 I came in touch with TYPO3 for the first time. In this blog I want to share some insights from my daily work – perhaps they are valuable to you.

In my spare time I love hiking, cycling, enjoying nature and discovering lovely spots.

The domain of the blog is brot.krue.ml – which is some sort of German and means "breadcrumb". I want to share my knowledge step by step – so the word "breadcrumb" is appropriate I think ;-)

This website is owned by

Chris Müller
Steubenstraße 94
68199 Mannheim

Email: contact (at) krue (dot) ml